Digital Technologies & BYOD

Digital Technologies & BYOD

Te Raekura Redcliffs School is a highly resourced school that aims to balance the use digital technology within the classroom to enable creative and critical thinking skills to flourish.

We reosurce our classrooms with age and stage appropriate devices to ensure safe and effective connection to learning:
Year 0-4 = Apple iPads
Year 5-8 = Chromebooks and iPads

Digital devices are now being widely used to support teaching and learning and digital fluency is being part of our national curriculum. Many of our children are already confident users of technology and our role is to foster the creative aspects or digital technologies to enable students to connect with wider audiences and collaborate with each other. The incorporation of digital technologies in education is both a motivator for students and a powerful learning tool. Every student benefits from becoming digitally fluent.

Digital technologies

  • enable our children to represent their thinking and clarify their ideas in new ways
  • enable students to save and build on their previous work
  • allow students to work collaboratively or individually in creative and innovative ways
  • empower students to take charge of their own learning anywhere, anytime

Devices will be used to access the Google Suite for Education, a suite of communication and collaboration applications that allows students to work from their drive on documents and projects. Students will also use their devices to access Seesaw, a student driven digital learning portfolio and other sites to support in class learning.

At Te Raekura Redcliffs School the use of these digital devices will not replace students writing in books, learning handwriting, playing outside and doing physical activity. Teachers will continue to teach all curriculum areas so our graduates are well rounded individuals who are prepared for high school and beyond.

We have developed a list of specifications for BYOD devices.

The recommended specifications are:

  • Battery life that will last the school day. Devices must arrive at school fully charged, they are not allowed to charge their devices at school. Be aware that the battery life of devices will lessen over time.
  • Devices must have a minimum screen size of 10 inches
  • Keyboard
  • Audio output
  • We recommend if you are purchasing a new device getting a warranty so faults can be fixed quickly. A temporary replacement service is desirable.
  • Insurance (the school is not responsible for damage or loss to a device)
  • Built in camera and sound recording capability
  • light enough to be carried to and from school
  • Protective case

If you have any queries about these specifications please do make contact.

The devices the school has purchased in the past have been Acer/Lenovo Chromebooks or Apple iPad.

Our Digital Safety Expectations

As part of having BYOD or using any diogital device in our kura there is a Digital Safety Agreement in place between the school and home. Devices will be stored at break times and will go home every day. Personal home and contents insurance will be required to cover this device as the school holds no liability for loss or damage. The school will not do repairs on BYOD devices. Students will only use their own devices, except to share their screen with others in collaborative group work. Students will also be taught about digital safety in class.

All device usage at school, including BYO devices is filtered and monitored through the N4L managed network. This system enables us to track web browsing on personal devices and keep your child safer during school hours. For more information visit N4L.

The school Digital Safety and BYOD agreement form is accessible either online or in paper form at the start of each school year. Please complete the agreement and bring it into the school office with your device.

Te Raekura Redcliffs School is dedicated to equitable access for students and will provide devices for students unable to provide their own if they are needed for a learning task.

If you have any questions about Digital Technologies at Te Raekura Redcliffs School please feel free to contact the principal.