Our School Rebuilt

The Te Raekura Redcliffs Rebuild

The Redcliffs School story is an inspirational one centred around a community fighting together and showing resilience during many years of uncertainty. You can read about our story and watch more below.

“2011 was an incredible year for our school and the Redcliffs community. Violent earthquakes shattered our idyllic village.

In February and June many homes were damaged, and rocks fell from the cliffs behind our school grounds. After June’s earthquake we had to relocate our school to the nearby seaside village of Sumner.

We spent 9 years in our home away from home at van Asch College while we fought to return our school back to Redcliffs. Although it was a difficult time in many ways, the adventure demonstrated how strong the heart of our community is, and the amazing resilience and positivity of our children.

We worked with the Ministry of Education and the Build Team to design a school that was inspiring and purpose built for the way that we wanted to deliver education into the future.”

Rose McInerney

Principal – Tumuaki, Te Raekura Redcliffs School 2015 – 2023

The Rebuild in Action

Our School Being Opened in 2020